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This is a place for jugglers of all abilities to talk about, well, juggling. Everything from the most basic questions to tips on busking are welcome and encouraged.

Your mods:
has been juggling for only a few months and just bought her first set of clubs. She started out as a fire staff spinner but got gradually sucked into juggling.
She has been learning with the Air Raid Juggling club in Charlottesville, VA and will soon be looking for a group in Seattle.
email: gillijen [at] gmail.com
AIM: GilliJen

has been juggling for ten years and works as a street performer in Charlottesville, VA.
Lars Juggles with the Air Raid Juggling club in Charlottesville.
email: larslarsen [at] gmail.com

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Juggling websites:
How to Juggle excellent site with tons of info
The IJDb Video Database
Make Your Own Balls
International Jugglers' Association
The World Juggling Federation

Juggling Clubs (please email us to submit your own!)
Air Raid Juggling Club - Charlottesville, VA

Cascade Jugglers - Seattle, WA

Where to Buy Props

Juggling Store .Com
Higgins Brothers